We specialise in small group and family charters or want to go out to the reef for a particular purpose ie diving or underwater photography or perhaps scientific and conservation research get in touch!

Our fully equipped and surveyed rescue boat Thunderbird1 a custom built fully surveyed fast rescue boat or (FRB) equipped with state of the art electronics including side scanning colour, sonar and depth sounder and is available for rescues, whale stranding’s and of course conservation projects.

Thunderbird1 is also a great platform for diving and is jet powered and thus very fast(30 knots+ with 4 guests and crew) and extremely manoeuvrable and has no external prop to damage divers, coral or animals so we can get right in to where you want to go.

Thunderbird1 was of course named after the famous TV show due to her bright orange colour and appearance, but don’t be fooled by our affectionate name for her, she started life in Germany built at the Ernst Hateske  works and was designed to be unsinkable and stable in extreme weather during deep water emergencies, she then did duty on the Spirit of Tasmania One as a Fast Rescue Boat.
Thankfully she was never called to active service in an emergency and is now after survey and a refit having a new life in the Whitsundays.

Thunderbird1 has been modified to run on vegetable oil a renewable energy resource in addition to protecting the reef from the possibility of a fuel spill .

We are the only commercial vessel in the Whitsundays that does not add to climate change/global warming. For every 1ltr of petrol or diesel fuel used produces 1Kg of CO2, which means the average tour vessel is producing between 600 and 1000Kg or more of CO2 every  trip adding to global warming and climate change, we produce none and she is completely carbon neutral.