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Your Captain

"Presto" Preston

  Captain and Marine Master and like all our staff and suppliers a keen conservationist and whale enthusiast. 

About Us

Conservationists primarily but we believe that people should see nature in person not in a museum.

The Whitsunday Waters host some of the most beautiful and exciting Whale watching experiences  you will ever see first hand.

Whale Watching Whitsundays offer a fully customisable adventure with their converted unsinkable fast rescue boat, you will never get closer to these magnificent animals and their young and no crowds of tourists to deal with as they take a maximum of six passengers per trip.

Because only a small custom company can offer you the sort of up close and personal service and experiance we can.

We dont organise adventures and trips for crowds, your special and your trip will be too.

Experience: We have operated and lived in the Whitsundays for many years
Reputation: We believe it speaks for itself
Staff Experience: All our captains are marine masters you are in safe experienced hands.





Whale Watching Whitsundays is very proud  its vessel, Thunderbird1, is powered by a turbo charged Yanmar 240HP diesel engine which runs on used cooking oil. We collect cooking oil from the local pubs and restaurants, which avoids the oil going to a landfill.

One litre of petroleum diesel fuel produces 2.64kg of CO2 which is released into the atmosphere as exhaust gas. Whale Watching Whitsundays tours use an average of 130-160 litres of cooking oil, per tour, this means each tour is not releasing 360kg – 430kg of CO2 into the atmosphere. In addition to this, we are not contributing to global warming, coral bleaching, rising sea temperatures and air pollution.

What Will I See On My Tour?

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Head Of Sales

Had a fantastic time, stunning scenery and the whales were amazing!

John and Amber
English Tourists

Give these tours a go, Presto is a real character and very knowledgeable.

Paul Mendez
Paul from Byron Bay

My girlfriend and I had a great day and I have never in years of surfing been so close to a whale!

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