About Whales

Humpback Whales

Whales leap out of the water for many reasons, to clean themselves, to show of to prospective mates, and seemingly often just for fun.

The impact as the whale “belly flops” into the ocean is tremendous as they can weigh up to 30 metric tonnes the forceful entry into the water as well as causing a tremendous splash dislodges small crustaceans and other marine life growing on their hides.

Just as on a boat or ship this marine life causes a lot of drag slowing the whale down and is probably quite annoying for  the whale but it certainly leads to some amazing sights as they repeatedly leap out of the ocean.

Whale Songs

Whales produce a variety of different songs, some are to attract mates, others appear to be a challenge to other males during the breeding season and some serve to identify to other whales which group they come from.

For example the whales on the East coast of Australia sing a noticeably different song to the whales on the West coast, occasionally females will swap groups but males rarely if ever.

There are hybrid whales the offspring of mating’s with another similar species of whales, their song is quite different to either of their parents and it is not known if they ever find mates.

Humpback whale interacting With Tourists.

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